Regional Meetings for Ecumenical Leadership

Outline of Presentations and Proposed Agenda

Friday afternoon / evening

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Some considerable time is provided for participants to introduce themselves and express what there hopes are for this conference, and to indicate what their greatest challenges are.


  • III. Video Presentation, John Crossin: “Ten Points of Ecumenism” (1 hour, 40 min. total)

These ten points may be presented individually with discussion, based on the needs of the group. At some point, the group breaks for 10 minutes between topics.

5pm      Questions and answers  (24 minutes)

5:30pm Break and 6pm Dinner


IV. Video Presentation, John Crossin: “Ecumenism Present and Future, Emerging Trends”        (45 min.)

8:30pm Ecumenical Prayer Service (learn by doing) – group moves to a chapel, if facilities are available.  Text provided by this link is an adaptation of a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity prayer service.

9pm  Social: questions and answers

Group gathers with refreshments and discuss the 7pm Presentation. Some of the most fruitful work of these Regional meetings occurs in the group’s processing of the subjects of the day at this time.


8am Interreligious Prayer Service – chapel, followed by breakfast (served 8-9am)

Text provided by this link is a prayer service that could be used.


Paper provided by this link could be distributed at the time of registration for the Regional Meeting so that people are acquainted with the document John Crossin discusses. 



Noon Lunch

1pm Wrap up, further questions, feedback:

  • What question or need did I come with – is it answered?
  • What is one concrete goal I can name and take back with me for the coming year?

2pm close of Regional Meeting