Region Representatives

The territorial United States is divided geographically into 14 Regional groups of states, The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, and one group of all Eastern Catholic Churches (16). The map below shows the configuration of regions. Each Region meets at least annually for purposes of sharing information and activities. Click on the Regional Representatives for direct links to email addresses.


Region 1 VACANT – Rev. Thomas Ryan, CSP (acting Regional Representative)
Region 2 Rev.Wil Tyrrell, SA
Region 3 Rev. James M Lease 
Region 4 Rev. Jim Gardiner, SA
Region 5 Msgr. Richard Greene
Region 6 Rev. Jeffrey Day
Region 7 Rev. Rick Ginther
Region 8 VACANT – Rev. Erich Rutten (acting Regional Representative)
Region 9 Rev. Joseph Arsenault, SSA
Region 10 Rev. Robert Williams
Region 11 Rev. Jose Rubio
Region 12 VACANT
Region 13 Rev. Msgr. Bennett Voorhies
Region 14  VACANT
Region 15 Rev. Samuel Najjar