Announcements for 2013

Dear CADEIO Members and Friends, We will begin the process of rebuilding the CADEIO website shortly and I ask your continued patience. Watch this site for upcoming information about:\n

  • The National Workshop on Christian Unity, April 8-11, Columbus OH. You can also go to register for the national program at We will be mailing and emailing registration information for the national program, as well as the CADEIO program, and hotel reservations, a three-step process that is required for full registration for the Workshop.
  • Our Summer Institute on Advanced Ecumenical Formation, July 7-13, 2013 at St. Paul College (at Catholic University) in Washington, DC. with Fr. John Crossin, Brother Jeff Gros, Fr. Ron Roberson, Rev. Mel Robeck and Dr. Michael Root, among others. Please make plans to come, the costs for the Institute will not exceed $1,000 (CADEIO will cover any costs above this amount).
  • Advance documents for our upcoming General Assembly at the National Workshop, April 9, 2013. The documents will include nominations materials, proposed revisions to our Constitution and By-Laws, agendas and committee reports.
  • Diocesan and Associate Membership Dues are due. You will be receiving invoices by mail and email shortly.
  • Regional meetings with Fr. John Crossin:  Lafayette, LA in June 2013, and Orange County, CA and Baltimore, MD in October.

Please watch this website as we introduce new content, a calendar and on line registration for upcoming events.