National Workshop on Christian Unity

The 2015 National Workshop on Christian Unity will be held April 20 – April 23, 2015 at the Omni Hotel, Charlotte, NC.  Registration is now open! Please note that registration includes two separate transactions: Combined NWCU / CADEIO  registration and Hotel Reservations.

1. Register for the both Programs at

Registration and payment for both the NWCU overall program and CADEIO is made to the Registrar for the National Workshop (, NOT CADEIO as in years past. Each of the ecclesial networks (like CADEIO) has a concurrent program of meetings and seminars which are incorporated into the overall Workshop schedule.  This year the CADEIO Program will add these events to the regular schedule:

The CADEIO Seminars (2)

  • Details on this year’s CADEIO Seminars are being finalized, please check back for more information.  (Tuesday afternoon)
  • Details on this year’s CADEIO Seminars are being finalized, please check back for more information. (Wednesday afternoon)

Orientation and Regional Meetings

  • Monday’s orientation and regional meetings will help organize Ecumenical Officers according to region, with Region Representatives. For an updated listing of Diocesan Ecumenical/Interreligious Officers and Regional Reps please visit and click on the “Member Directory” to the top right of the page.
  • The General Assembly will meet for our annual meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Association business, development and planning.
  • The Networks-hosted Breakfast on Thursday morning.

2. Contact the Omni Hotel to make your hotel reservations.

3. Update your contact information and pay your annual dues for CADEIO.

Please review the latest membership directory and send any updates to Rick Caporali. The membership dues in CADEIO are set each year by the General Assembly. The current annual dues for Full Members is $200 annually. Payment of diocesan dues is a requirement for membership and voting. Please note that registration fees for the NWCU Workshop and CADEIO Seminars are not included as part of dues payment. Associate Membership (to be included in all CADEIO communication) is $10. Fr. Leo Walsh, Treasurer, is sending invoices in a separate mailing. FULL MEMBERSHIP in CADEIO is open to ecumenical officers of the arch/dioceses in union with Rome, and required for voting in the Association. The following persons also qualify:

  • The chairperson or a member of the diocesan ecumenical commission assigned to represent it;
  • One who effectively exercises the role of a diocesan ecumenical officer without an appointment;
  • A representative of a religious community that has a special apostolate in ecumenism.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP in CADEIO is open to any person interested in ecumenism, by payment of the yearly associate membership fee of $10. The Associate Member is entitled to receive the CADEIO Newsletter and general announcements via email. The Associate member is entitled to attend the Assembly with voice but no vote.

4. Learn more about our CADEIO Institutes for Continuing Formation

At last year’s General Assembly it was voted to offer the Introductory Level Course every summer starting in 2014, and alternate the other two courses (Interreligious Leadership and Advanced Ecumenical Leadership) every other year. There is no better way to receive such quality formation, instruction and inspiration, equipping us to do our work with precision and integrity. The program is designed for you, with busy schedules and other jobs. The Institute is open to anyone involved in pastoral work that requires an understanding of the Church’s teachings on ecumenical and interreligious affairs: ecumenical and interreligious officers, diocesan or parish commission members, diocesan leaders, members of religious orders, seminarians, theology students, priests, permanent deacons and interested laity. Contact Fr. Don Rooney, CADEIO President, at 1009 Stafford Avenue, Fredericksburg VA 22401 for more information at 703-309-8719,