Become a Member

Full Membership

Full membership in CADEIO is open to ecumenical officers of the arch/dioceses in union with Rome. The following persons also qualify:

  • The chairperson or a member of the diocesan ecumenical commission assigned to represent it;
  • One who effectively exercises the role of a diocesan ecumenical officer without an appointment;
  • A representative of a religious community that has a special apostolate in ecumenism.

Membership Dues

The membership dues in CADEIO are set each year by the General Assembly. The current annual dues are $200. Payment of dues is a requirement for membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership in CADEIO is open to any person interested in ecumenism, by payment of the yearly associate membership fee—currently $10. The Associate Member is entitled to receive the CADEIO Newsletter and general announcements via email. The Associate member is entitled to attend the General Assembly with voice but no vote.

Constitution and Bylaws

Learn more about the purpose, organization and bylaws that govern the association by reading CADEIO’s constitution and bylaws.