Committees and Liaisons

CADEIO Committee Chairs

• Faiths in the World: Fr. Emile “Buddy” Noel

• Finance Committee: Fr. Joseph Arsenault, SSA

• Fitzgerald Award (Awards Committee): Fr. Bob Flannery

• Communications: Vacant

• Nominating Committee: Fr. Dennis Mikulanis

• Research and Development: Fr. Phil Latronico and Fr. Don Rooney

• Summer Institutes: CADEIO Executive Committee

CADEIO Liaisons

• Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities: Fr. Don Rooney

• CCT / USA: Fr. Alexei Smith

• Episcopalian / Catholic: Fr. Jim Gardiner, SA

• Evangelical (EPEDA) / Catholic: Fr. Robert Williams

• Jewish / Catholic: Msgr. Brian McWeeney

• Lutheran / Catholic: Fr. Erich Rutten

• Methodist/Catholic: Vacant

• Muslim /Catholic: Fr. Dennis Mikulanis

• NCCC / USA: Fr. Joe Witmer