Greetings to All:

Now that the Easter celebrations are past we can turn back a bit to the National Workshop on Christian Unity which took place the Third Week of Lent.  

I’m familiar with many of you having served as president of CADEIO from 2010-2016, and was re-elected at the recent NWCU.  I very much look forward to our work together in this next term, establishing/re-establishing relationships and sharing the mission of unity and understanding.

But first, we are introducing flocknote as a mode of CADEIO communications in the hopes of staying in better contact with each other.  You have received an invitation to join by email.

Please respond, set up your password and you will enter the dialogue.
Flocknote is also grouped according to region, so you will be able to contact directly all those who are in your region, especially your region rep to CADEIO.

Don Rooney